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Lukas & Eliška {Mountaintop Engagement} PRAGUE

I’m pretty sure I actually squealed out loud multiple times during this shoot. (Not in pain. No snakes to bite you out in the Czech Republic) but just with sheer joy that I get to do this for a job. For the last month I’ve been travelling through Europe shooting and it’s been incredible. I will be doing a lot more blog posts from my trip but this one is going to be the first taste. The stunning couple in these images are Eliška & Lukas. They’re actually wonderfully talented photographers from Prague and we got linked up through instagram a while back. If you haven’t seen their work you really should it is just stunning.

We met at a little funky urban cafe in Prague before our shoot at after a bit of discussion decided on a location to go for the afternoon.. They played it so cool.. like. “Oh you know, there’s this little park on the edge of the city which is pretty cool.” As you scroll through these images I hope you’ll appreciate how much of an understatement that was. The place was incredible.. I feel like if I only had to photograph in one location of the rest of my life I wouldn’t get bored in this spot. Anyway I’ll let the photos do the talking from here. Enjoy.

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