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5 Helpful networking tips for photographers

We live in an age of unprecedented technology and by and large as photographers, have benefited big time from all these advancements as our cameras have got better, our post processing software, and all of the new ways in which social media has helped us get our work out to the world. I for one […]

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    I first picked up a camera a little over 5 years ago. I had no grand dreams of becoming a wedding photographer. I had no clue I’d ever get to travel the world holding a camera or that I’d ever be in a position to train others in photography. However over those 5 […]

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Authenticity As Branding

I feel like this is something that’s been on my heart for quite a while now and I just feel like it’s worth saying. Just to clarify before you feel like I’m pointing a finger at you. I’m really writing this post in many ways as a rebuke to my former self and the way […]

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What’s In my bag?

I do get asked on a fairly regular basis by young photographers starting out. “What gear do you use?” and “Why?” I think back to when I first first got into photography. I bought myself a little Nikon D70 because it looked like a proper camera and it wasn’t super old and it was within […]

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