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On new years day, before the sun had even risen my alarm went off. I was caught between a groan of annoyance and a cry of excitement. After a night of broken sleep I could hardly comprehend it being time to wake up already, but today I was getting on a plane to Cambodia. I had not previously visited South East Asia and I was both nervous and excited about the opportunity. My Church goes to Cambodia each year to visit some of the organisations we support to encourage, help and build ongoing relationships with these amazing people and the work they are doing to share God’s love with a country still recovering from a tragic all-to-recent past. I was invited to join the trip as the media officer. Photographing our mission work and blogging for family and friends back home to see what we were up to. You’ll notice this post contains photographs mainly of children. Cambodia is a young nation. As most people know in the mid to late 70’s Cambodia was ravaged by one of the most horrific genocide’s in the world’s history. Millions of Cambodians were brutally murdered by the Khmer Rouge regime and as a result there isn’t a huge population of elderly people in the country. I was blessed to be able to take portraits of some of the people who survived this time. I was blown away by the love we were shown everywhere we went in Cambodia. The people were so incredibly loving to us and shockingly generous out of their poverty. I’ve been truly challenged to think about the way I live my own life back home in light of what I’ve seen and to be extremely thankful for how blessed we are in Australia.

I took thousands of images over the 16 days I was away and I’ve included some of my favourite moments below. Enjoy. – JM

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