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Fine Art Wedding Photo Albums {Sandra & Jonathan}

“Don’t let your wedding photos grow up to be jpegs.” – Jonas Peterson

Please, print your photos. Don’t leave them on their USB sitting gathering dust. Printing your photos makes them come alive. You can feel and hold them in your hands. Take them off the wall and stare at them. Pick them up of the coffee table and flick through them.

I always tell me clients please, please, please… print your photos. I don’t care if you get an album from me or you make it yourselves. Just please print your photos. With that said. I truly believe the albums I get made for my clients are the nicest albums you’ll ever see and I absolutely love putting together these books for my couples. I just did this stunning book for the wedding I photographed in Switzerland last year. Sandra & Jonathan are from different countries and I wanted to showcase that so I made a custom cover for their book with a world map with little flags in Switzerland for Sandra and a flag in South Africa for Jonathan. There’s a little dotted line between the two countries tracing the journey that brought them together. I wanted to make something different and personal for them. Not just to stamp their name and wedding date onto the front cover. The guys I use to print albums will make absolutely anything possible for your album cover if you like. I often use a couples logo from their wedding invitations or something from their stationary to put on the album to keep the continuity going. Anyway here’s (most) of the spreads from their album and a bunch of photos of the book itself.

Fine art wedding book embossFine art wedding album leather cover emboss world mapwedding album world map emboss coverLeather wedding album emboss2016-06-30_00052016-06-30_00062016-06-30_00092016-06-30_00102016-06-30_00112016-06-30_00122016-06-30_00132016-06-30_00152016-06-30_00182016-06-30_00192016-06-30_00202016-06-30_00212016-06-30_00222016-06-30_00232016-06-30_00242016-06-30_00252016-06-30_00262016-06-30_00272016-06-30_00282016-06-30_00292016-06-30_00302016-06-30_00312016-06-30_00322016-06-30_00332016-06-30_00342016-06-30_00352016-06-30_00362016-06-30_00372016-06-30_0038

Atkins Family Journal at Lake Alpine California

Australian Documentary Family Photographer

Hey folks. Meet the Atkins family. I’ve had the amazing privilege to get to know these guys a little bit as I stayed with them and photographed a day in their lives as they had a little weekend getaway to lake alpine in northern California. I could go on and on about how much I love these guys and how much they’ve made me feel a part of their family. But I’ll let the photos do the rest of the talking. So sit back and enjoy a day in the life (on holidays) of the Atkins family.



Daniel & Kendra {Rustic American Wedding}

What an amazing wedding to have as my first ever wedding in the USA. Men in uniform, a church with a pastor named Jack Daniels, a constant stream of guys on Harley’s without helmets riding by the church, playing strange backyard games that I’d never heard of and the finishing the wedding with taking fireworks photos in some random farmers field until he chased us off. Couldn’t think of a better way to kick of my trip to America.

Not only was the wedding Amazing, but these two are some of the loveliest people I’ve ever met and the connection that they share is so clear to everyone around them. Spending a week with Kendra’s family before the wedding let me into their lives and their story even more. It’s such a blessing to be invited into peoples most intimate moments and most treasured celebrations. I can’t believe I get to do this for a job. Enjoy the photos.


2016-06-06_00342016-06-06_00362016-06-06_00372016-06-06_00382016-06-06_00392016-06-06_00402016-06-06_00412016-06-06_00422016-06-06_00432016-06-06_00442016-06-06_00452016-06-06_00462016-06-06_00472016-06-06_00482016-06-06_00492016-06-06_00502016-06-06_00512016-06-06_0052southern highlands weddingsouthern highlands weddingsouthern highlands weddingsouthern highlands weddingsouthern highlands weddingsouthern highlands wedding2016-06-06_0059southern highlands weddingsouthern highlands wedding2016-06-06_0063sydney wedding photographersouthern highlands weddingsouthern highlands weddingsouthern highlands wedding2016-06-06_0069southern highlands weddingsouthern highlands weddingsouthern highlands weddingsouthern highlands weddingsouthern highlands weddingsouthern highlands wedding2016-06-06_00762016-06-06_00772016-06-06_00782016-06-06_00792016-06-06_00802016-06-06_00812016-06-06_00822016-06-06_00832016-06-06_00842016-06-06_00852016-06-06_00862016-06-06_00872016-06-06_00882016-06-06_00892016-06-06_00902016-06-06_00912016-06-06_00922016-06-06_00932016-06-06_00942016-06-06_00952016-06-06_00962016-06-06_00972016-06-06_00982016-06-06_00992016-06-06_01002016-06-06_01012016-06-06_01022016-06-06_01032016-06-06_01042016-06-06_01052016-06-06_01062016-06-06_01072016-06-06_01082016-06-06_01092016-06-06_01112016-06-06_0112

Keegan Cronin - Smashed it man! Good stuff

Destination Elopement Inspiration | Rattlesnake Ridge | Seattle


Press Play

A long time ago I made a decision that I wanted every photo I took to mean something. I didn’t want to shoot models for companies or take pictures of a camp mug full of tea that I don’t even plan on drinking. Even for styled inspiration shoots like this one. I want to use real couples with real connections and still give them photos they will treasure for a long long time to come. I know it’s not how it’s done. But i’m ok with that.

Another thing to add before you see these photos is a complete and unashamed, “this was not healthiest day” disclaimer. This shoot took place after about 40 hours of flights within a week and 7 or so cities I’d stopped over in and my body was beginning to shut down on me. I had just eaten what I’m told is Seattle’s best burger.  It was delicious.. I mean mouth-wateringly good! one of the best I’d ever had.. However perhaps not the best thing to eat before you go on a 4 mile hike without remembering to bring any water.. So here I am struggling up this little mountain with the couple and my assistant powering ahead as I splutter and cough and sweat myself silly. (Glamorous I know) An hour and a half later we get to the top and I can just see the view begin to open up and I pretty much collapse onto the ground.. I’ve gone from overheating sweaty and jetlagged to freezing cold jetlagged and chilled once we reached the peak. I’m from Australia which doesn’t get very cold so this whole Seattle mountaintop thing wasn’t meshing well with my tired body.. I’ve never felt so sick while on a shoot, so I curled up in the fetal position on the ground and told Ashlee to keep shooting until I could regain my composure..

Watching someone else photograph the location you’ve been wanting to shoot for 3 years while you desperately try not to lose control of your body in front of a couple doing their vows is a pretty humbling experience, all things considered. Our groom came over and prayed for me once he saw how much of a struggle I was having and in about 10 minutes I sitting up again.. wrapped in a coat one hand in someone’s warm hiking boot and trying to shoot one handed from one spot crouched on a rock.. (like I said.. not my best day) I’m still really stoked I got to shoot this and I’m also really really thankful that I had Ashlee there to cover for me and knock it out of the park while I was dying in the corner. Here’s some photos …. If you wanna see them after that story.

2016-05-30_00072016-05-30_0008cedar falls elopementcedar lake elopement2016-05-30_0011seattle elopement2016-05-30_00132016-05-30_0014PNW elopementseattle elopement photographer2016-05-30_00172016-05-30_00182016-05-30_00192016-05-30_0020Rattlesnake elopementrattlesnake elopementrattlesnake elopement2016-05-30_00242016-05-30_0025mountain top elopement2016-05-30_0027mountaintop wedding2016-05-30_00292016-05-30_00302016-05-30_00312016-05-30_00322016-05-30_00492016-05-30_00502016-05-30_00512016-05-30_00342016-05-30_00352016-05-30_00362016-05-30_00372016-05-30_00382016-05-30_00392016-05-30_0040rattlesnake ridge elopement2016-05-30_0042rattlesnake ridge elopement2016-05-30_0044rattlesnake ridge elopementrattlesnake mountain2016-05-30_00472016-05-30_0048


Dress by: Urban Exchange Tacoma

Flowers by: July Floral Design

Second Photographer: Ashlee Marie Photography

Special thanks. Jessica & Justin Uhler for being our amazing models

Casey - The pain was well worth it then? Stunning images. - Yeh worth it in hindsight for sure. Thanks

Rachael - Still crushed it, almost pooping and all 😉

Sandra & Jonathan Switzerland Destination Wedding part 2

Last week I blogged part on of this beautiful destination wedding in Switzerland which I’ve linked below but now for the real stuff. The wedding day itself. Sandra & Jonathan both spent years as young children growing up in the same city of Switzerland but Jonathan moved back to South Africa and then to England where Sandra was now studying at Fashion School. They’d never met as children but soon realised they had probably gone to the same ice skating rinks, eaten at the same restaurants, hiked the same parts of the alps as children and somehow never met until the time was right.

There wedding took place by Lake Geneva in Switzerland and I felt so incredibly honoured to come out to photograph it. Destination weddings were always something I dreamed about but never thought I’d have the opportunity to do and now that I’m starting to travel more and more for weddings the gravity of the privilege it is to be asked to fly across the world to tell people’s stories is getting bigger and bigger. I’m so thankful to Sandra & Jonathan for inviting me to be part of there incredible wedding. It was truly a wedding I will never forget.

If you’d like to see my part 1 post of the first look photos we did in the swiss alps you can find them here. This wedding has also been featured in White Magazine and you can check out their blog post as well for some more details as well as a lot more stories from the couple.


swiss alps in fall autumnSwiss alps old church building Switzerlandbirds on a wire lausanne
long sleeve lace wedding dressRoman Church SwitzerlandRoman Church Switzerlandlace back wedding dress switzerlandSwitzerland Lake Geneva wedding