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ABOUT ME: At my core I think I’m most passionate about stories. As a little kid I used to sit for hours and write stories and illustrate them and fill up all these little notebooks. I always wanted to be a storyteller. My father was an author so I think I picked that up from him. I didn’t really know what stories I wanted to tell for a long time. I tried journalism and writing for a time. I thought (and still think) about writing books myself.

It took me a while to combine my passions for art, adventure, story telling and the most recently; photography into one united pursuit.

Wedding photography for me was never something I grew up wanting to do. I wanted to be a journalist, to travel and write and tell the stories that needed to be told. As I picked up my first camera while I was at university I really discovered that all stories deserve to be told and God gave me a particular passion for marriage and weddings being the starting point for that as a story that needs to be told. I absolutely love telling stories and I take very seriously the honour it is to be invited into someones most intimate moments to tell their story.


I grew up on a small farm just near the Blue Mountains in NSW. One of the nearby farms kept deer and some mornings as a small child as the school bus would drive past this farm I would press my face against the foggy glass and watch for the deer running along side the bus through the lifting fog of the early morning… For me that was my first experience of magic. To me deer are the most majestic animals God ever created and they always inspire me to think more creatively.

That magic feeling I got when I was a child has only really been replicated by the feeling I get when I walk into a wedding day.. So it couldn’t be a more fitting animal to represent the stories I tell for my couples, my Stags & my Doe’s.

 As I write this I’m a few weeks away from my 26th birthday. I’ve been a full time wedding photographer for almost 4 years now and I feel incredibly blessed to be making a living from something I love. People always talk about having a work/life balance… I really feel like if you’re doing what you love you can just have “a life” and I’m so thankful to all of the people who’ve hired me, trusted me and encouraged me in my craft to have this life.