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Over the last 7 years that I’ve spend with as a camera owner and the last 5 photographing weddings full time I’ve had the privilege of mentoring a stack of talented photographers and really digging deeper into the million different pieces that it takes to seem to find that “sweet spot” as a photographer where you’re shooting the work that’s creatively satisfying and also not living off two minute noodles for dinner while living in your grandma’s basement. (Not that there’s anything wrong with noodles in your grandma’s basement with Tim Tam slams for dessert!) But I think for most of us. We’re hoping for a little more and I have been really blessed to find myself in a place where my work is really creatively satisfying and i’m not working off old army rations for dinner. Sadly this isn’t the experience for most photographers I speak with or mentor. So after many years of planning and dreaming about how to do this I’ve decided it’s time to take this to the next level and to build the workshop that I wish I’d been able to attend when I was in those first few years of figuring out where that sweet spot was and how to avoid many of the mistakes I made.

Dates: 15-16th of May 2017

Destination: Stonehurst Cedar Creek NSW

Speakers: Joshua Mikhaiel w/ Ryder Evans

Tickets releasing later this week Sign up to the mailing list for more info.

Ryder Evans Photography

First let me say upfront. This is not a workshop primarily to teach you how I do what I do.

That’s boring.

And quite frankly I think it’s pretty insulting.

Everyone who is reading this has unique talent. Unique vision and a unique pair of eyes through which you view the world. To teach you merely to copy what I do would be an insult to the creative spark within you. We’re going deeper. We must. I want to help draw out of you what will help you stand out and make you thrive. To create the best work you possibly can. Not to set the bar so low as to limit you to only shoot the way I shoot and run a business like I run mine. I want to teach you how to go your own way. Not to follow anyone else’s path.

All that said don’t be fooled, This isn’t primarily us standing around a fire sharing feelings and sending you home with some good vibes and new friends. We’re going to dig deep into the practical real stuff of how to set up your business to succeed.

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Day I – The Business

Finding your why. (Creative Inspiration & Purpose)

  • – Reality check on whats the goal, whats the end.
  • – What’s it going to look like to do this long term without burning yourself out and hating the entire wedding industry
  • – Valuing your clients and keeping a servant mentality about your business

Creating a brand that stands out in a sea of sameness

  • How to book your ideal client
  • How to create the portfolio of your dreams & showcase YOUR style
  • Uniquely positioning yourself within the industry
  • Using social media well / Reality & Authenticity

• Setting your business up to succeed: H.U.S.T.L.E

  • Covering yourself from rookie errors & Timesaving hacks to keep you organised and delivering on time.
  • Pricing
  • Sales (Albums)
  • Learning from mistakes
  • Work / Life balance
  • Client Interactions & Managing expectations

• LIVE SHOOT / Dinner / Campfire Q & A

Day II | The Practice

• Storytelling

• Posing

  • Couple Chemistry
  • Light
  • Creating mood
  • sticking to your style / serving your client

• Post processing

  • Finding your look
  • workflow (how to edit a full wedding in 6 hours)
  • Brand consistency through to final delivery and beyond

• Live Shoot

  • Finding good light
  • Framing with your landscape
  • Keeping your couple comfortable

There will also be plenty of time for Q & A, a portfolio review for all attendees, and incredible food & some super special secret special guest speakers.


Frequently Asked Questions

WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR? Anyone wanting to lift their game and take things to the next level, If the topics I’ve listed sound like things you could use a leg-up on I think you’d get a lot out of this workshop. If you’re having trouble booking the right clients, getting yourself into wedding photography as your full time profession or just in a bit of a creative rut and need to fill your head with some new ideas of how to fall in love with your work again there’s going to be some great take-homes for everyone.

WHEN IS THE WORKSHOP? The workshop will be held on the 15-16th of May 2018 (Tuesday/Wednesday) if you need to take some time out from another job! 

WHERE IS THE MAGICAL LOCATION? The workshop will be held at Stonehurst Cedar Creek, Which is set in the picturesque Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Just 2 hours drive from Sydney or 1 hour if you’re coming from Newcastle. There’s an airport at Newcastle for those flying in.

WHERE SHOULD I STAY? On site accomodation can be booked by contacting Stonehurst Cedar creek directly and letting them know you’re part of the workshop. There are a bunch of lovely cabins on site, Camping is also an option onsite for the brave. There is also a lot of great air bnb properties within the area which are well worth checking out.

IS THE WORKSHOP CATERED? Yes, I’ve got an incredible chef who specialises in outdoor cooking over a fire coming out to make some amazing feasts for us. So come hungry. And don’t forget to let us know if you’ve got any special dietary requirements so we can’t make sure you don’t go hungry.

SHOULD I KNOW HOW TO USE A CAMERA ALREADY? Yes please. Sadly we won’t have time to go over manual settings and how to use your camera at this workshop. We’ll be jumping right into the good stuff so if you haven’t mastered that side of things you’ve still got some time to get into it before the workshop! but no this particular workshop will be focusing on most of the deeper stuff.

WHAT TO BRING? Pants.. #stayclassy your camera, laptop (if you can) and a hard drive with some recent images if you’ve got one, three buckets of excitement, 1x open mind and make sure you come hungry because the food is going to be legendary.

IS THE TICKET REFUNDABLE? Sadly no. Please make sure you can definitely make the dates before you buy your ticket as it’s not refundable, If you find someone else who’d like your ticket then you can transfer it to them though. 

I still have a lot of questions and feelings. Can we chat? Yeah for sure! shoot me an email at and I’ll be more than happy to answer any and all questions you might have.

Plug in some details below and let me know you’re interested to find out more and get an email once the Venue, date and pricing options are made available.